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Men Who Watch Porn Are Less Happy

A new study suggest that men who watch porn are less happy than those that do not. There are those who agree with the research findings. At the same time, others don’t concur with the results at all. The problem is that this porn watching debate has been going for years. Regardless to which side you fall under, the question remains for many. Do men or women who watch too much porn gifs become less happy than those who never bother watching? While the jury is still out on the overall effect watching porn may have on women, the results for men are in. In a new study, researchers have concluded that men who watch too much porn are usually less content in relationships.

The study has taken into consideration decades of past research and analyzed it. The 50 studies were published in the Human Communication Research journal. In that published research, more than 50,000 participants were examined. These consisted of people from locations all over the world. In its findings, the research focused on the question they asked most participants. That question was how sexually satisfied each them were in their relationships.

The research did not find any correlation between women’s satisfaction in their relationships and watching porn. However, for men, it was a totally different result. Men who watched pornography were less content in their partnerships. Moreover, the feelings from unhappiness were both on their general views on life and sexually. Some of the researchers speculate that since men tend to watch porn gifs alone, they may end up hurting their social behavior. Ironically, it is argued that men who watch porn do so because they are unhappy in their relationships in the first place.

Nonetheless, there are other reasons as to why those that watch too much porn may be less happy than those that do not. For one, a majority of those who love watching porn gifs all the time complain that regular intercourse is boring to them. These men claim that the buzz they get from porn is not the same or equally high as the one they get from pornography. That kind of thinking or feeling is what causes some to be concerned.

Some researchers also speculate that since men tend to fantasize about sex when watching and masturbating to porn, this may cause a problem for them in their relationships. A few of the men in the study were said to imagine themselves being with the person(s) they masturbated to; even when having actual intercourse with their real partners.

A few of the other problems that can cause unhappiness in men who watch too much porn is the reality factor. The scenes or scenarios which take place in the world of porn gifs, are almost impossible to happen in real life. You may have instances where professional porn actresses are willing to perform and do impossible or unheard of sexual acts. A majority of the sexual positions some of the actors and actresses do in gif porn, are often times out of the norm for any regular couple. Because of that, a man may feel as if his partner is not good enough for him. Or as if his partner is unwilling to do some of the things he enjoys watching so much in pornography movies or videos.

Those associated with the study also concluded that perhaps guilt may have something to do with the feelings of unhappiness. A few men may feel as if they are cheating on their spouses by watching and masturbating to porn. On the other hand, this is part of a problem for partners of those who are addicted to porn. To them, it is their belief that their partners cannot be aroused by them alone. Instead, he must resort to watching porn in order to find his partner sexually arousing.

The end result from this is that the overall libido or sexual drive of a man could be effected. That is as far as having sexual intercourse with their spouses is concerned. A lot of people use this as a way to point to the fact that those that watch too much porn, become sexually lazy after a while. The real art of lovemaking may be gone from them as the men focus more on instant gratification. That may explain why to a person who constantly watches porn, regular intercourse may seem boring or not worth it.

Other concerns is that too much porn – especially violent porn – can make a person more aggressive. When the time comes for lovemaking, these individuals find it difficult to be tender to their partners. You also have those that would argue that porn trains your mind to want immediate release. If you are watching porn and masturbating, that is not a problem. However, when it comes to having sexual intercourse with your partner, not being able to last too long is a major concern.

No matter which side of the argument you fall under, the cause for concern when it comes to watching porn should be there. Anything that is carried out with too much frequency can end up hurting you in the long run. Even watching too much porn.