Foods For Men That Are Alternatives To Viagra

There is nothing like Viagra for men when it comes to increasing a man’s sexual potency and erection. But for some people, the wonder love making drug is not an option. For those men that want a natural alternative to Viagra, there are plenty of foods out there that can help. While these foods may not compared to the powerful effects Viagra produces, they can increase the sex drive of a male naturally. One of the best foods for men to try if they want to increase their libido is watermelon. In a research carried out at the Texas A&M […]

Does Penis Size Matter When Having Sex?

Here is a question that many men may probably dread knowing the answer to; does penis size really matter when they’re having sex? Although there are some men who are lucky enough to have large or above average penises, not all men do. Some men have either average or below average penis sizes. It is for men such as these that this question is so important. Heck, even men with big penises may want to know the answer as well. To find out the real answer to this question, a new study was done and they posed the question to […]

The Effects Of Watching Porn

A lot of people often wonder if there are any side effects to watching porn. Part of this comes from the fact that pornography is so popular these days. The availability of porn videos, pornography pics and other forms of porn are easy to get. Pornography is everywhere you look on the internet, TV, magazines and other mediums. This is even more so now that people have access to the web via smartphones, tablets and computers. But how toxic can watching pornography be? Are the effects from watching porn real or are they part of some religious wing conspiracy? According […]